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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Painting the Bones and Other Projects

I have finally gotten some stuff painted, Yay!

After a miserable experince with spray primer I am switching to brush-on primer for the Bones

Here is the griffion and the hydra, I wish I had better pictures

I have also been trying my hand at hand drawn maps.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Reaper Has Landed

My Reaper Bones Kickstarter has finally arrived. I started this blog so I could have somewhere to post about my painting and miniatures. I got sidetracked and quite frankly just have not been in a mood to paint.

Unpacking all of these minaitures has given me the itch to paint again.

While I was unpacking my wife took some great pictures.



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Avalon Reborn (Techno-Fantasy Campaign) Pt. One

Inspired by

  • Camelot 3000
  • Warhammer 40,000k
  • ROM Space Knight
  • Tekkaman Blade
  • The Once and Future King
  • Five Star Stories
  • X-Men


Far away in a distant star system circles the world of Avalon. Once a former colonial world that has emerged from the Great Dark Age caused by the fall of the Grand Republic of Sol

The greatest city in all of Avalon is New Camelot, seat of the High Kingdom of Britannia. The leader of the kingdom is the hereditary ruler known as The Pendragon. The kingdom is protected by the most elite group of warriors in all Avalon, maybe the galaxy, The Tek-Knights of the Round Table.

Flag of the Kingdom of Britannia

The Tek-Knights have access to incredible armor, weapons and gear. Many of these items are left over from the fall of the Grand Republic and are irreplaceable as the means to craft such things have been lost. In their mighty battle armor know as Knightframes they fight for the glory and honor of the Pendragon and the Camelot
Tek Knight in L Class Knight Frame

These brave men and women defend the kingdom against threats like the Witch-Queen of the Northern Wastes and her cyborg reavers.

Witch Queen and her Slaves

They protect the eastern borders against Mutantoid raids from The Blighted Lands.

They man the southern watchtowers that look over the border with the Dread Dukedom of Chisholm and the Bloody Barony of Tarot.
Baroness of Tarot

Britannia and her Tek-Knights are aided in their struggles by a wide range of allies. There is the Queen of Summer, ruler of the forest moon of Tir'anire and her Psy-locks, psychic warriors and seers. 
Queen of Summer

The Forge Father, master of the volcanic moon Vulkan and his Mekaniks, skilled engineers craftsmen have had a long friendship with Britannia. 




There is Lord Wave-Thunder, Lord of the Murmen, amphibian sailors and navigators from the Sea of Chalice

Lord Wave-Thunder

There are the Leaf Striders of the Jokera, skilled scouts from the indigenous race of Avalon. 

Last but not least are the mysterious teknomancers known as the Mrylins, armed with ancient and powerful tek from the Golden Age of Man.

Mrylin in Action

Monday, April 22, 2013

Randoms thoughts from a Diseased Mind

Another fun fantasy pop culture mash-up

or just more adolescent mental masturbation.

A long time ago in an imaginary place in the time space continuum, the great war between Light (Uptight Assholes) and Darkness (Rowdy Hooligans) rages on.

This bloody war , which was started over ownership of a tea cozy, has destroyed hundreds of solar systems and killed trillions of sentient beings.

On the side of Darkness are a host of powerful entites beings, but one of their greatest heroes is a powerful being who has left a trail of once living worlds now turned into barren wastelands. He has been known by many names, by many races;
Teneborus, He-Who-Walk-In-The-Darkness
.........Shaitan the Adversary
......................Gozer the Traveller
.................................King Koopa, and Uwe Boll.

The forces of Light have their own great champions. There was the Pendragon, The Queen of Summer, The Knight of Knives and Flowers, The Forge-Father, The Knight of Jet and Gold, The Meryln, Sister Stigmata, The Man With No Name and Link.

The Champions of Light lured Teneborous to a distant star where they had constucted one of the most cunning prison ever devised.

Teneborous soon found itself bound in chains forged from the heart of a white dwarf star. Then he was encased in a sphere of molten admantine, which was then placed inside the core of a massive spherical labyrinth.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Far and Distant Shore.....

Random Thought Time

Take your a typical fantasy world stocked with your normal menagerie of races, creatures and gods.

Your know this world, were good wages an endless war against the forces of evil. Where elves and dwarfs were once a great and powerful races who have fallen into twilight. Where humans are a young race who are rising to become the supreme race. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

Then completely fuck it up.

Enter the Celestial Bureaucracy, a powerful race of lawful neutral beings from another dimension. There sole mission in life is to turn the multiverse into a place of peace and harmony.

They travel across the multiverse in massive N-space ships the size of cities, conquering planet after planet bringing law, order, peace and harmony. They do this by using a powerful mix of science, technology and magic to pretty much obliterate anyone who objects to them taking over.

Imagine the Borg without a sense of humor.

Of course not everyone is going to buy into this  cosmic hippie shit.

Everyone has the right to be an asshole, Right?

Well, the Celestial Bureaucracy takes a dim view of those who disturb the peace. They have developed a rather novel way of dealing with this malcontents. They open a gateway and ship these individuals off to a special little pocket dimension known as the Oubliette.

Gods, Demi-gods, Ancient Beings, monsters, mortals or anything else you can think off gets sent to this fun filled place.

This hellhole makes Devils Island look like Disneyland. Take every race,creature and construct from every edition of D&D and other fantasy, sci-fi or whatever genre RPG and stick them all in the same place.

Darwin's Wet Dream.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun Facts from the Known World Pt. II

Fun Fact #2 “Who you going to call?”

Ever needed to trap a moaning ghost or spiteful spirit? 

Need to ward off a thirsty vampire or horny devil?
Ever been hounded by ghouls or hell hounds?
When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

There are a number of common items that can come in handy when dealing with the supernatural.

Salt – Never leave home without this! Salt is a handy item when dealing with the supernatural.

·         Protection: If a line of salt is spread across a threshold or used to create a circle, it can create an impenetrable barrier to: Ghosts, Shadows, Poltergeist, Haunts, Shades, Wraiths, Demons and Devils

·         Weapon: If salt is worked into the leather of a whip, it can flay the flesh of someone possessed, driving out the evil spirit.

Cold Worked Iron – This handy little material is often used to make nails and pots and pans. It also effective against various creatures.

·         Containment – If a room is lined with or a cage is made from this material it can trap: All spirit types (ghosts etc) and fairy folk. If the iron is worked into the shape of wards and ruins they can contain demons and devils also

·         Weapon – Weapons made from this material can be used to strike and wound all spirit types (ghosts etc), air elementals and fairy folk.

Fun Facts from the Known World Pt. I

Fun Fact #1 "What in the hell are Iron Rations?"


Going to be traveling down into deep, dank, dark dungeons?


Going to be travelling across hundreds of miles of dangerous wilderness?


Are you worried about your food getting spoiled or going bad?


Then Iron Rations are what you need! According to the Basic Rulebook Iron rations are "Preserved Food". What the frack is preserved food you might ask. Well at last here is your answer!


In a standard kit of Iron Rations you get the following:


        1 Dozen Bucallatum (Hard Tack)

            Twice Baked Flatbread made from wheat and hard as a rock. These were usually softened with wine or vinegar before eating. Can also be thrown into soup or stew as a thickener.

        1 Pound of Salarium (Salt Ration)

            This salt is used for salting game and fish out in the field to preserve it.

        1 Pound of Assus Fructus (Dried Fruit)

            This fruit varies from region to region but the most common are raisins, figs and dates.

        1 Pound of Sal salis Sus (Salted Pork)

Often heavily salted bacon or ham hocks, used to make stews.

        1 Pound of Pullus Paganus (Dried Chickpeas)

A staple legume used to make soups, stews and hummus.

        1 Small Jar of Mellis (Honey)

            All natural sweetener, used in breads and porridge.

        1 Small Jar of Garum (Fermented Fish Sauce)

            The world famous pungent condiment made from fermented fish, garlic and olive oil used by almost everyone in the known world.

        2 Quarts Phouska (Sour Wine)

            Wine that is almost vinegar, staple of the legionaries of Thrace