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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sword & Wizardry vs. Barrowmaze Session 8

Sword & Wizardry vs. Barrowmaze, Session VIII

The Campaign Continues....

Welcome brave readers to a new harrowing tale of my players once again braving the perils of the Barrowmaze.

We missed a couple of weekends due to a vacation but we are back on track.
I introduced a new wrinkle into the game. Adventuring and Roleplaying Goals that the party could earn additional experience points. The player's really seemed to enjoy them as they all managed to achieve all of the RP Goals
Allow me to once again introduce the party

The Party

All of the original and replacement members of the Crimson Blades are now dead, leaving only Bartik, the first and only hireling they hired, still alive.

Eulogy for the Crimson Blades

Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open and show riches
Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked,
I cried to dream again.
- Caliban, The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 2
Now introducing our new party, The Swords of Saint Ygg,
  • Sir Bryce, Human Male Paladin of St. Ygg,  Member of the Order of the Crimson Cross. A shining beacon of knighthood and chivalry. Gleaming armor and perfect teeth, the very image of a dashing hero.
  • Brother Cade, Human Male Cleric of St. Ygg, Member of the Order of the Crimson Cross. A devoted brother of the church and defender of the faithful. Boon companion and advisor to Sir Bryce.
  • Sister Jade Lotus, Human Female Monk of the Temple of Lo Pan.  Student of the White Crane Style, a tiny woman of striking beauty that is only matched by her foul mouth and broken common.  She was recently hired by Sir Bryce who witnessed her clear out an entire tavern.
  • Skylar, Human Male Fighter (Secretly a LE Assassin). Dark hooded warrior, who while waiting for his next assignment, found himself in a party of do-gooders.
  • Proximo, Human Male Guide (NPC), Hired in Helix, he led the party to the Barrow Mounds. 

3rd Day of Planting, The Barrowmaze 

The heroes extracted themselves from the Barrowmaze and headed back to the Village of Helix to tend to their wounds and bury the dead. During the journey in the growing dusk, Bartik disappeared and Skylar decided to go look for him. The rest of the party continued on. They would eventually reach Helix without incident and fell into their beds at the Brazen Strumpet exhausted.

4th Day of Planting, Village of Helix

The party woke up and started sorting through the treasure they had acquired. Pawning off much of the loot, several members of the party discover they finally had enough experience to level up. The party spent most of the day mending their gear and resting. Sir Bryce and Brother Cade reviewed the aspects of the quest they were on. They were not just simple adventurers; they were on a mission for the Church of St. Ygg. Late that day a small caravan arrived with some new persons of soon to be interest. 

5th Day of Planting, Village of Helix

The next day rain began to fall steadily. Brother Othar of the local temple of St. Ygg was hosting a important meeting with Sir Bryce and party. Brother Othar was familiar with the reasons for Sir Bryce being in the Duchy, a quest to destroy the evil at the heart of the Barrowmaze. Reinforcement from Iron Motte had arrived the night before. These new were arrivals were introduced to the party.

  • Arcus the Arcane, Human Male Magic-User, cultured, erudite and inebriated spellcaster

  • Brother Hung Lo, Human Male Monk of the Ten Pan House, student of the Drunken Monkey Fist Style

  • Reginald Hammond, Human Squire, Member of the Order of the Crimson Cross (NPC)

  • Rogyer Murtaugh, Human Man-at-Arms (NPC)
  • Martyn Riggs, Human Man-at-Arms (NPC)
After introductions were made, Squire Hammond presented a holy artifact to Sir Bryce, the Finger Bone of St. Ygg. This item was given to aid the paladin in his quest to destroy the evil in the Barrowmaze. In addition to this they had laid in a large amount of supplies.

 Blessed Finger Bone of Saint Ygg 

This most holies of holies is the actual finger bone of Saint Ygg. When Saint Ygg, transcended and became the God of Righteousness he left his mortal shell behind. His bones have become powerful relics and are greatly prized.


  • Allows Lawful Good Clerics to Banish Undead as if they were one level higher
  • Allows Lawful Good Paladins to Lay on Hands as if they were one level higher
  • Allows Lawful Good Monks to have Armor Class as if they were one level higher
  • Automatically begins glowing with a Light (5’ Radius) when in the presence (within 10’) of the Undead
  • If the finger bone is crushed and St. Ygg’s name is invoked it will explode with a brilliant light. (see below)

Divine Spirit Bomb

  • Blast Radius: 25 FeetDamage
  • vs. Chaotic 6d6 Dmg
  • vs. Neutral 4d6 Dmg
  • vs. Lawful 2d6  Dmg. 


Sister Jade Lotus, tired of the meeting and stepped outside for some fresh air. As she looked across the village she noticed a man walking towards here. She recognized him as being a fellow countryman from the Kingdom of Syama. He stopped in front of her, looked her in the eye and spit on the ground. He proclaimed himself Song Hu, and he had come to avenge their master.


A classic martial arts duel proceed and there was much fun had by all. Brother Hung Lo jumped in and saved Jade. His reasoning, a chance to whoop some White Crane butt. After being questioned by the Duke's Guard about the fight, they were released. 

6th Day of Planting, The Barrowmoors.

The newly reformed party set forth to once more brave the Barrowmaze. During their travels they came across a camp that had been ransacked and the inhabitants murdered. They followed a trail and soon caught up with a raiding party of lizardmen who had a captive from the camp. A bloody battle ensued with them. The party managed to best the creatures with only their henchmen Riggs dying. The captive turned  out to be a Priestess of Herne who helped the heal the wounded party members.


  • Hung Lo rolling 5 critical hits
  • Proximo the torch bearer managed to kill 2 lizardmen

The party decided to turn back and escort the priestess back to Helix.


Due to commitments with work and school, I need to give up the DM seat to focus on school. So this campaign is going into hiatus for a bit. One of my players who just finished school, will be bringing back our 2nd AD&D Forgotten Realms Campaign.

This senseless loss of life was brought to you by

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