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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE - The Gathering of Heroes

The Hundred Horse Chestnut Tree
Lukos the Forester stoked the embers of the campfire with a stick and threw several more branches onto the fire. He lifted his head and watched the smoke of the fire slowly rise up into the branches of the great chestnut tree. A strong breeze from the west carrying the smell of the sea gently swayed the branches. A chorus of twinkling caused by hundreds of trinkets tied to the branches filled the air.
The Hundred Horse Chestnut, named for the fact that the branches could shelter 100 horses, was a famous landmark in Traladar. Travelers have for centuries made their camp under its shade. Lukos had been here a week and seen many people come and go. After travelling across Traladar looking for recruits he had set-up camp to wait and see who would take him up on his offer.
The first to arrive was a Bladedancer of IannaLozen the Lioness. Lukos was pleased beyond words; to have a Bladedancer in his adventuring party would be a boon. She was young and inexperienced, but showed promise. The next to arrive with a rolling gait was a human named Vilhelmus Hastinov, a swashbuckling sailor with a famous last name. There was some initial tension between Vilhelmus and Lozen
Several hours later two elves walked up to the camp, they were in fact twin brothers, Avery and Carrick. Avery was a Spellblade and his brother was………. Well a bit shady, possibly someone with a criminal background, maybe a Nightblade, Carrick was not very forthcoming.
As the sun began to set, a woman approached the camp. Dressed in elven armor and carrying a shield with a black swan device, the woman introduced herself asIvanova Hastinov and she had come to join Luko’s adventuring party. It quickly became clear that Vilhelmus and Ivanova were cousins and they had history together.
Two Hastinovs, two elven twins and a Bladedancer, this was adventuring party was shaping up to be a interesting one. Lukos explained to the group what his intentions were. They would be travelling to the prefecture of Ourosco and the borderlands. Along the way they would be making a few stops along the way to gather recent information coming out of the borderlands. The group settled in for the night.
The next morning as the group was breaking camp a man came running up. Out of breath, he announced his name was Atticus and he was a teller of tales and singer of songs, he had come to join Luko’s adventuring party. The ever growing group hit the road. They travelled for several hours and soon arrived at the Fane of the Fallen, a temple dedicated to the goddess Calefa, the mother of mourning. Lukos gathered some interesting rumors and the party then heading to the famous fortress of the Black Eagle.
The Black Eagle Fortress
The party arrived in the late afternoon to the outskirts of the town surrounding the Black Eagle Fortress. After settling in, the party spent some time relaxing and gathering information about the borderlands. The next morning the party set off towards the borderlands. There last stop before crossing over into Ourosco.
Travelling along the imperial road they came across a wounded ass who charged pass them. Further up the road, a body lay in the middle of road. A ragged figure was hunched over the body chewing on it, the Vilhelmus and Avery drew weapons and charged the creature. Atticus noticed a crying noise coming from a nearby crofters hut and ran to see if any one needed help. The ghoul was quickly dispatched, but with a thunderous crash Atticus came flying out of the hut and landed with a bone-crunching thud on the imperial road.
Charging out of the hut came a ragged female humanoid. Exhibiting incredible strength and speed, the foul-mouthed creature who called herself Agrippa taunted and terrorized the party. The partys attacked it with weapons and magic but the creature seemed to be only mildly inconvenienced. It was only when Lozan smashed a vial of holy water against Agrippa’s head that it retreated to the safety of the dark woods. Ivanava and Vilhelmus gave chase……….

Whats Happening Now

Sooooo, it has been several months and not a peep.

My Bad

The truth of the matter is that between the demands of my job and everyday life I have not had time to blog anything. I have been running an Adventurer Conquer King Campaign using the Obsidian Portal. This has eated up most of my blogging time. I probably should post some of my adventure logs here on my blog.

Stamus Contra Malum: 1013 YE

Stamus Contra Malum is an old school D&D campaign. The previous campaign we used the 1981 Dungeons And Dragons Basic and Expert Setmore commonly referred to as B/X D&D. For this campaign we are updating things a bit and we will be using the Adventurer, Conqueror, King Rules System or ACK, it is to me the spiritual successor of the 81 Basic/ Expert Rules.
The setting campaign is roughly based on the original D&D settings, The Known World, which was first detailed in the 1981 Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set and the module X1 – The Isle of Dread. Using just the information in these two books I proceeded to personalize it and made liberal changes.
With the update to the ACK Rules System, I took the time to add additional detail and retconned some minor details from the previous campaign using the default setting for ACK, the Auran Empire.

What Happened To All the Miniatures?

When I first started this blog it was going to be about my miniatures and my painting. I have posted any pictures in a long while.

The reason why is I have not been doing a lot of painting. I love painting and it kills me not to be able to. Unfortanutely painting has become almost impossible for me due to the fact my eyesight has deterioated to the point that I have lost depth perception and the ability to paint small detail.

After consulting with an eye specialst I was diagnosed with keratoconus in my left eye. The bad news is that it is irreversible short of a cornea transplant. If I am lucky it will not get any worse.

The good news, with a special contact I will be able to see more clearly and be able to paint again.

So I am looking forward to posting picture of my work again.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Post CONJuration 2016 Report

I wanted to wait a few weeks before I posted about my gaming group, The Crimson Blades at CONJuration 2016.

For those who do not know what that is, it is a Three Day Fantasy Convention here in Atlanta, GA. It is dedicated to fantasy literature and fantasy in general. There is a strong Harry Potter element to the convention but LotR, Narnia, Supernatural, and other fantasy is also present. This will have been our third year attending and out second year of being a panelist/game master at the Convention. My group ran an number of panels about fantasy rpgs.

I hosted three Classic D&D (BECMI version)  Sessions at the convention. I used a recurring theme for all three sessions, The Sea of Dread. I broke out all of the bells and whistles for the games. Printed pre-gens and bags of dice for players, miniatures, my library of dungeon and wilderness tiles.

The first session was a swashbuckling adventure involving pirate goblins, a vampire pirate captain and a hermit were-shark.

The second session was an tomb raider style romp through an ancient temple.

The third session was a dinosaur themed hunting trip where the party had to help a clueless noble bag a  T-Rex.

Every game I ran was at capacity. I had at least 10 players at every game with 13 being the most..I had to turn some people away I had some salty veterans and a lot of people who had never played before.

The overall response for all the participants was great and I had received a number of postive reviews during the Con and after the CON.

My group is planing on going back next year and putting on even more games.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5E D&D Trial Run with Thunder Rift

So my lil session running 5E D&D using the adventure Escape from Zanzer's Dungeon went OK.

They made it as far as the missile weapon room before we called it a night.

All of the players have asked if I would come back and run again.With one caveat, they all wanted to roll-up their own characters instead of using pre-gens.


Now I have to come up with a new adventure and I am thinking of running B4 - The Lost City, a little pulp action I think they might like.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Coming Attractions

Over the last several months I have been playing in my wife's Werewolf the Apocalypse Campaign and in my long running AD&D 2E games. In the process I finished school and I am getting ready to take the DM's seat once more.

I actually got two different games coming.

My long awaited sequel to my B/X Campaign is coming, taking 50 years after the last events in the first campaign. Two of my players will be playing the grandchildren of the original party from the first campaign. The biggest change from the first campaign is that I am using the Adventurer Conquer King Rule System. It is a much better fit for the campaign since my world have a very late antiquity feel. I am hosting the campaign on the Obsidian Portal Website. Very Cool Website.

The other game is going to be a one-off. I was asked to DM for some friends who never played D&D before and wanting to learn how. The only catch is they want to learn to play D&D 5E, the edition I only just now getting my feet wet in.

I have been thinking about what I should run. Something from the 5E Starter Set? Keep on the Borderlands, some other module in the B series……..

I just happened to be over at a cool forum known as Piazza, dedicated the many realms that TSR and other companies produced during the halcyon days of TSR. There  I found a post about a guy was running D&D 5E using the Thunder Rift Setting. I just so happened to have a complete collection of Thunder Rift stuff in PDF and paper.

So I am seriously looking at running the escape from the dungeon of Zanzer Tem as my oneshot.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"I am not dead YET!!!!"

I am still alive and kicking, but real life has prevented me for doing anything on here in a while.

I am working on some games for a local convention, prepping to kick off my next D&D Campaign and discovering the joys of the Obsidian Portal which has sucked up a lot of my time.


This site is awesome and I am using it for my next campaign.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Designing A Skyrim Style Campaign – Side Bar – Deities & Demons

Designing A Skyrim Style Campaign – Side Bar – Deities & Demons

One of the things I need to address is whether or not I want to import the Elder Scroll Deities into ACK. The Cosmology of Elder Scrolls actual has a number of similarities to the default setting for the ACK System, known as Auran. The problem with Skyrim is that the Eight Divines, the modern pantheon is actually a fusion of two different pantheons, the Aldmeri Pantheon and the Nordic Pantheon. To make it even more complex, the Nordic Pantheon evolved from an older Ancient Nordic Pantheon. Then there is the fact that my world is based on Anglo-Saxon / Anglo-Danish culture, which gods of these should I use? I am certain I want to keep it to just eight.

Elder Scrolls
Ancient Earth
Ancient Nordic
Eight Divines
Anglo Saxon
Old German
Norse equivalent
Dragon (Alduin)
Hawk (Kyne)
Fox (Shor)
Snake (Orkey)
Whale (Stuhn)
Bear (Tsun)
Owl (Jhunal)
Possibly Idunn
Wolf (Mara)
Moth (Dibella)



I am certain I want to keep it to just eight but then I remembered that there are four other nations, each are going to have slightly different pantheons

Norðrodor, Gods and Goddess

The Pantheon of the Sælíðenda (Sea-Folke)

Wōden, the High Father
Sky, War, Death, Wisdom, Magic
Shor & Jhunal
Thunor, the Thunderer
Storms, War
Fríge the Fair
Marriage, Motherhood, Hearth
Kyne & Mara
Frey the Defender
Defender, Prosperity
Njord the Wave Maker
Sea, Fishing, Water
Baldaeg the Bright
Sun, Radiance, Peace
Lothar the Trickster
Lies, Riddles, Tricks, Thieves
Freya the Maiden
Beauty, Moon, Love
Death, Cold, Darkness

The Pantheon of the Trisagion (Dark Elves)

Sun, Stars, Cosmos, Magic,
Oceans, Rivers, Sea Monsters, Slavery, Dominance
Earth, Fire, Stone, War, Power
Moon, Children, Motherhood
Oak Tree
Forests, Woodland Creatures, Merriment
Peace, Wisdom, Knowledge (Outlawed Deity)
Death, Darkness, Torture

The Pantheon of the Dwefar (Dwarves)
Pick and Shovel
Cold, Dark, Stone, Gems, Mining
Anvil and Hammer
Fire, Metalworking Forges
Cask or Drinking Horn
Beer, Mead, Good Cheer
Beauty, Love, Snow, Ice
Sielun Syöjä
Goblet of Blood
Death, Terror, Rust

The Pantheon of the Olfar (Orcs)
Anu the Sky Father
Sky, Sun, Lordship
Enki the Maker
Rivers, Streams, Crafts
Enlil the Storm
Crossed Lightning Bolts
Wind Storms, Thunder Lighting
Mountains, Stone, Metal
7 Headed Serpent
Death, Terror, Slaughter, Murder

 I am getting to the point where I want to wrap up this little essay. It is becoming more and more work, for something I never intend on actually running as a campaign. If the inspiration hits, I may comeback and finish the write-up on Wulf Dunland, some sample settlements and few adventures.

I think in the end I feel that I have given the ACK Rules System world building rules a proper test run. It can be used to great effect to create real vibrant worlds. I recommend to anyone reading this to check out these rules. The Campaign rules can easily be used with any other RPG system as they are almost system agnostic. 

I hope if you have been read these posts, that it was helpful in someway to your ongoing gaming efforts. 

Have Fun!