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Monday, August 27, 2012

Reaper Bones Kickstarter

Reaper Miniatures, one of my favorite miniature companies recently had one of the top three kickstarter drives ever. They were offering one of the best deals in miniatures, ever! Now I have plenty of miniatures to paint as it is.

Did I really need any more?

So what did I do?

I went and lost my goddamn fucking mind and pledged one week before going DragonCon It was just too good to pass up.

Here is what is coming to me in March 2013, god help my paint brushes.

I am really excited by this one. It is going to close to 8 inches tall.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prepping for Dragon*Con

I have not posted to this blog like I have wanted to. I have been busy getting ready for Dragon*Con for the last week. It is my first time and I am very excited to be attending one of the biggest party conventions in the country. I have been painting miniatures but I have not taken any pictures of my progress.

My goal is to run at least one pick-up game in the open gaming area at the con. I am planning on using the timeless 1980 Basic & Expert D&D rule set. The adventures I am looking to run are:

The Haunted Tower - This is the main one I want to run. I have put a lot of work and time into.

I am also considering running Lamentations of the Flame Princess's Death Frost Doom or the Stargazer's Tower.

I am keep having a recurring nightmare that when I am the con I will not find anyone who wants to play.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sanding and Gluing

I have not painted as much as I would have liked (Damned PS3). I have gotten some models ready for the primer phase.

The prep stage is always a hard one for me to not rush through. It is a very important stage and if you miss something in this stage it can really fuck with the paint job later.

I normally use Zap-a-gap CA+  for gluing miniatures, but this time I am using Elmer's Super Glue which is thinner but seems to cure faster.

At the bottom of the mat are some Battle System Dwarves from one of the army box sets that I have owned for over 15 years. I have them glued to washer so I can have something to hold on to while I paint and I can flock them later.

On the right side is a two-headed Ral Partha Ettin. What a complete pain in the ass models. Poor design in the arm to body attachment. I am going to have to break out the Dremel and pin this thing.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

In the Queue

Some of the many miniatures I am currently working on. I apologize for the sub-par photos. I making do with a tablet camera with a makeshift photo tent.

Reaper Gnoll Marauder with Sword
Reaper Gnoll Marauder with Ax

Sarah the Seeress

Brother Roberto, Cleric

Christina The Devout

Piers, Young Mage

Treasure Pile from Town Folk IV

Damon, Male Thief

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Recently Painted

Here are a couple of miniatures that I recently painted. The first one is my wife's character in our weekly AD&D game. The second one is a henchman in the same game. Both miniatures are Reaper models.

Treya, Elvin Minstrel

Mario, Henchman for Hire

This is a older Reaper miniature that I painted years ago, I am touching up.

Sir Michael the Gold

Old Map Art

I made this map a while back when I had a wild idea for a D&D campaign. Nothing ever came of it, but I kept the map because I thought it was one of my better works. These were made with Paint.

World Map
Campaign Area

Friday, August 3, 2012

First Post..... :)

White Metal and Stiff Little Brushes

I started this blog as a place for me to ramble on about one of my favorite hobbies, miniature painting.

Save or Die!

There may be posts about table-top role-playing games like D&D and Gamma World. I also might talk about table-top war games another passion of mine. Since the age of ten, gaming has been a favorite pasttime and it has made me the warped little monkey I am today. It is also responsible for opening the world of literature to me.

3 Chords of Discordance

I am also love music and have diverse tastes like:



So don't be surprised if the random music video pops occasionally.

Why a blog? 

It seemed like a good idea and maybe something to inspire me to pick up a paint brush more often.

Why would anyone read this thing?

I am not really sure, you tell me.