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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Character Portratis

The Holidays have come and gone and the time has come to get this blog rolling again.

As a tradition, my game group exchanges x-mas gifts and this year two of my players did something really cool.

They found an artist named Allison Howe who they commissioned to draw sketches all of the player's characters in my ACK Campaign we have been playing in for the last two years.

As the DM I got a group sketch, it was one of the coolest gifts I have ever received,

Now without further a due, The Light Bringers. 

Ivanova Hastinov - Half-Elf Female, Black Swan Maiden (Paladin) of Fionnghuala, Heiress Presumptive to Leadership of the High Elves

Lozen the Lioness - Thracian Human Female, Blade Dancer of Ianna, Courtier of Ivanova's Camarilla 

Avery Aileanach -High Elf Male, Spell Blade

Garrick Aileanach - High Elf Male, Night Blade, Ivanova's Spy Master 

Oberron the Reborn - Dwarf Male, Dwarven Fury, Son of Oberron Trollnose, Courtier of Ivanova's Camarilla 

Damien, Son of Ulf - Danish Human Male, Champion of the Saint of Swords

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