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Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Place, New Hobby Room

The New Digs

After the great flood, My lady and I had to move to a new apartment. The new apartment is the exact same floor plan as our apartment.  It is even located in the same position in the building.

We decided to shake things up and we flip flopped which room would be our bedroom and what would be our new game/hobby room.

After some work we finally got the new hobby room set-up. We lost three bookcases in the flood and we have a ton of books so we decided to purchase an IKEA 16 Cube Book Shelf to use as a book shelf and a room divider.

The Picture above is my wife's side of the room. Please note the demon cat in the chair.

The picture above is my side of the room and various decoration. We are still in the process of putting up additional artwork and shelving but for the most part it is ready to rock.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

First Post of 2014, Better Late than Never

I am never going to be a prolific blogger. I will try to make up for the lack of posts with quality of post.

Over the Holidays my beloved wife got me an airbrush for Christmas. I have since been working on mastering this tool.

I was finally getting some real painting done when during some serious sub-artic weather hit Georgia causing the water feed into our buildings fire sprinkler system to burst and it started flooding  apartment.

We were forced to moved to a new apartment and one of the casualties was a lot of my paints went missing. I have since ordered more.

I finally got my hobby room set-up and my painting desk set too.

I am hoping to get some more painting done soon.