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Monday, April 22, 2013

Randoms thoughts from a Diseased Mind

Another fun fantasy pop culture mash-up

or just more adolescent mental masturbation.

A long time ago in an imaginary place in the time space continuum, the great war between Light (Uptight Assholes) and Darkness (Rowdy Hooligans) rages on.

This bloody war , which was started over ownership of a tea cozy, has destroyed hundreds of solar systems and killed trillions of sentient beings.

On the side of Darkness are a host of powerful entites beings, but one of their greatest heroes is a powerful being who has left a trail of once living worlds now turned into barren wastelands. He has been known by many names, by many races;
Teneborus, He-Who-Walk-In-The-Darkness
.........Shaitan the Adversary
......................Gozer the Traveller
.................................King Koopa, and Uwe Boll.

The forces of Light have their own great champions. There was the Pendragon, The Queen of Summer, The Knight of Knives and Flowers, The Forge-Father, The Knight of Jet and Gold, The Meryln, Sister Stigmata, The Man With No Name and Link.

The Champions of Light lured Teneborous to a distant star where they had constucted one of the most cunning prison ever devised.

Teneborous soon found itself bound in chains forged from the heart of a white dwarf star. Then he was encased in a sphere of molten admantine, which was then placed inside the core of a massive spherical labyrinth.