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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Far and Distant Shore.....

Random Thought Time

Take your a typical fantasy world stocked with your normal menagerie of races, creatures and gods.

Your know this world, were good wages an endless war against the forces of evil. Where elves and dwarfs were once a great and powerful races who have fallen into twilight. Where humans are a young race who are rising to become the supreme race. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

Then completely fuck it up.

Enter the Celestial Bureaucracy, a powerful race of lawful neutral beings from another dimension. There sole mission in life is to turn the multiverse into a place of peace and harmony.

They travel across the multiverse in massive N-space ships the size of cities, conquering planet after planet bringing law, order, peace and harmony. They do this by using a powerful mix of science, technology and magic to pretty much obliterate anyone who objects to them taking over.

Imagine the Borg without a sense of humor.

Of course not everyone is going to buy into this  cosmic hippie shit.

Everyone has the right to be an asshole, Right?

Well, the Celestial Bureaucracy takes a dim view of those who disturb the peace. They have developed a rather novel way of dealing with this malcontents. They open a gateway and ship these individuals off to a special little pocket dimension known as the Oubliette.

Gods, Demi-gods, Ancient Beings, monsters, mortals or anything else you can think off gets sent to this fun filled place.

This hellhole makes Devils Island look like Disneyland. Take every race,creature and construct from every edition of D&D and other fantasy, sci-fi or whatever genre RPG and stick them all in the same place.

Darwin's Wet Dream.