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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun Facts from the Known World Pt. II

Fun Fact #2 “Who you going to call?”

Ever needed to trap a moaning ghost or spiteful spirit? 

Need to ward off a thirsty vampire or horny devil?
Ever been hounded by ghouls or hell hounds?
When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

There are a number of common items that can come in handy when dealing with the supernatural.

Salt – Never leave home without this! Salt is a handy item when dealing with the supernatural.

·         Protection: If a line of salt is spread across a threshold or used to create a circle, it can create an impenetrable barrier to: Ghosts, Shadows, Poltergeist, Haunts, Shades, Wraiths, Demons and Devils

·         Weapon: If salt is worked into the leather of a whip, it can flay the flesh of someone possessed, driving out the evil spirit.

Cold Worked Iron – This handy little material is often used to make nails and pots and pans. It also effective against various creatures.

·         Containment – If a room is lined with or a cage is made from this material it can trap: All spirit types (ghosts etc) and fairy folk. If the iron is worked into the shape of wards and ruins they can contain demons and devils also

·         Weapon – Weapons made from this material can be used to strike and wound all spirit types (ghosts etc), air elementals and fairy folk.