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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun Facts from the Known World Pt. I

Fun Fact #1 "What in the hell are Iron Rations?"


Going to be traveling down into deep, dank, dark dungeons?


Going to be travelling across hundreds of miles of dangerous wilderness?


Are you worried about your food getting spoiled or going bad?


Then Iron Rations are what you need! According to the Basic Rulebook Iron rations are "Preserved Food". What the frack is preserved food you might ask. Well at last here is your answer!


In a standard kit of Iron Rations you get the following:


        1 Dozen Bucallatum (Hard Tack)

            Twice Baked Flatbread made from wheat and hard as a rock. These were usually softened with wine or vinegar before eating. Can also be thrown into soup or stew as a thickener.

        1 Pound of Salarium (Salt Ration)

            This salt is used for salting game and fish out in the field to preserve it.

        1 Pound of Assus Fructus (Dried Fruit)

            This fruit varies from region to region but the most common are raisins, figs and dates.

        1 Pound of Sal salis Sus (Salted Pork)

Often heavily salted bacon or ham hocks, used to make stews.

        1 Pound of Pullus Paganus (Dried Chickpeas)

A staple legume used to make soups, stews and hummus.

        1 Small Jar of Mellis (Honey)

            All natural sweetener, used in breads and porridge.

        1 Small Jar of Garum (Fermented Fish Sauce)

            The world famous pungent condiment made from fermented fish, garlic and olive oil used by almost everyone in the known world.

        2 Quarts Phouska (Sour Wine)

            Wine that is almost vinegar, staple of the legionaries of Thrace