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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Avalon Reborn (Techno-Fantasy Campaign) Pt. One

Inspired by

  • Camelot 3000
  • Warhammer 40,000k
  • ROM Space Knight
  • Tekkaman Blade
  • The Once and Future King
  • Five Star Stories
  • X-Men


Far away in a distant star system circles the world of Avalon. Once a former colonial world that has emerged from the Great Dark Age caused by the fall of the Grand Republic of Sol

The greatest city in all of Avalon is New Camelot, seat of the High Kingdom of Britannia. The leader of the kingdom is the hereditary ruler known as The Pendragon. The kingdom is protected by the most elite group of warriors in all Avalon, maybe the galaxy, The Tek-Knights of the Round Table.

Flag of the Kingdom of Britannia

The Tek-Knights have access to incredible armor, weapons and gear. Many of these items are left over from the fall of the Grand Republic and are irreplaceable as the means to craft such things have been lost. In their mighty battle armor know as Knightframes they fight for the glory and honor of the Pendragon and the Camelot
Tek Knight in L Class Knight Frame

These brave men and women defend the kingdom against threats like the Witch-Queen of the Northern Wastes and her cyborg reavers.

Witch Queen and her Slaves

They protect the eastern borders against Mutantoid raids from The Blighted Lands.

They man the southern watchtowers that look over the border with the Dread Dukedom of Chisholm and the Bloody Barony of Tarot.
Baroness of Tarot

Britannia and her Tek-Knights are aided in their struggles by a wide range of allies. There is the Queen of Summer, ruler of the forest moon of Tir'anire and her Psy-locks, psychic warriors and seers. 
Queen of Summer

The Forge Father, master of the volcanic moon Vulkan and his Mekaniks, skilled engineers craftsmen have had a long friendship with Britannia. 




There is Lord Wave-Thunder, Lord of the Murmen, amphibian sailors and navigators from the Sea of Chalice

Lord Wave-Thunder

There are the Leaf Striders of the Jokera, skilled scouts from the indigenous race of Avalon. 

Last but not least are the mysterious teknomancers known as the Mrylins, armed with ancient and powerful tek from the Golden Age of Man.

Mrylin in Action