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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sword & Wizardry vs. The Barrowmaze Session 6

Sword & Wizardry vs. The Barrowmaze Session VI

The Campaign Continues....

The time has come again for my players to once again brave the horrors of the Barrowmaze. This time I only had one player not show up, Meaning I had a full table of eager players all looking for heroic action and glory. 

The Party

Allow me to once again introduce the party
  • Splendiferous Finch, Half-Elf Fighter/Magic-User, known for having fantastic hair
  • Rosco Coltrane, Human Fighter and wannabe Paladin
  • Sir Grunky Peeps, Human Fighter, A nobleman and very loud talker, likes to refer to himself in the 3rd person.
  • Ivana Humpalot, Dwarf Thief, buxom dwarven lass who lives up to her name
  • Jimminy, Human Albino Wizard 
  • Seamus, Human Ranger dedicated to the god Herne
  • Wart, Human Ranger dedicated to the god Herne
  • Bartik, Human Torchbearer and Guide (NPC)
Former Party Members
  • Al`Kashid Jaffar Rahim Abdul Grazzzhalaz AKA Al-Jeezra, Human Paladin, A magnificent warrior beloved by all (except Roscoe) and scion of Horus, killed by Shy Greenleaf
  • Shy Greenleaf, Male Halfling Thief and pint sized killing machine, killed by fall
  • Ehith Splinterra, Elven Magic-User, 1,400 year old elven 1st level wizard, killed by skeleton
  • Ridley, Human Fighter, Busty Young Female Fighter, Apple of Jarvis's Eye, killed by spider bite
  • Jarvis, Human Cleric of Herne, also known as Jarvis the Shitty Tailor, killed by centipedes
How my player's see their characters and what they think they are like.

The Heroic Adventurers

But in reality what I get is this

Slap Stick Inc.
End of Session 5

After the tragic deaths of Ridley, Al`Kashid and Shy, the rest of party began to strip their fallen comrades of their gear and money. It was during this process a trio of adventurers came along. They introduced themselves as Jiminy, an albino magic-user and his two ranger bodyguards Wart and Seamus. They had also been harvesting spider silk in the forest. They had also been trading with the elves of the Blackened Forest, The two parties after a brief discussion decided to join forces.

The newly combined party headed back to Helix, to re-arm and re-equip. Thier three friends were all given last rites and proper burials.

Session Six (Spoiler Alert)

After a couple of days in town, the adventurers joined together to return to the Barrow Mounds.

The journey to the Barrow Mounds were uneventful. They encountered no one or thing on their journey. Upon reaching the fields of barrow mounds, they went back to the sealed mound they had been working on opening but never finished due to the attack by the troll.

The Mound of Ancient Urns

The party finished unsealing the mound and carefully entered it. Ivana searched but found no traps or monsters. They wasted no time in looting the room.taking several valuable urns. Exiting the mound they looked around for their next destination. They decided to head east to a mound that sat right on the edge of the moors.

The Statue Mound

This mound was sealed just the like the last one. Using a sledgehammer and crowbar, they worked on unsealing the mound. All of the noise they were making soon attracted the attention of three hungry crocodiles lurking in the moors.

The heroes drew their weapons and defended themselves. The heroes were on a roll and three different players rolled criticals hits and the reptiles were quickly dispatched.They waste no time in dressing the crocodiles.

The party finished opening up the mound, lit torches and descended down into the tomb. The crypt was filled with over a foot of water much to the dismay of the players. Roscoe led the way followed by the rest of the party.

Exploring the antechamber, the party searched for hidden doors, traps and monsters. Ivana was able to locate a secret door and secretly secured a diamond ring for herself. While the rest of the party worked at opening a door.

Opening the one visible door, they discovered it led into a chamber with a Urn on a pedestal next to a stone tablet. Roscoe waded into the room and promptly step on a pit trap falling into a spiked pit trap.

DM NOTE: In the book, it states that the bottom of the pit trap also is covered in yellow mold. Assuming that the pit trap some how had not filled with water, when the trap door opens all of the knee high water would flood in. A rough estimate is that is about 100 gallons of water that is immediately flowing into the pit trap neutralizing the yellow mold. An interesting side effect is that anyone standing around the trap are going to get sucked into it.

Roscoe was gravely wounded, but the rest of the party remained on their feet. Their quick thinking enabled them to rescue Roscoe from the pit trap.The use of one of their precious healing potions saved him and gets him back on his feet..

Ivana discovered a 2nd secret door in the antechamber and the party decided to investigates. They examined the massive statue of a elf warrior fighting three lizardmen. Of great interest to the party was the glowing longsword in the elf warrior's hand. Splendiferous removed the longsword and the three lizardman statutes came to life and attacked the party..

The ensuing fight was brutal and vicious. Splendiferous and Seamus both managed to fumble and stun themselves during the fight. Seamus stumbling around in a daze accidently struck Splendiferous. Seamus never got a chance to recover as he was cut down by the lizardman statue.

Roscoe was exchanging clanging blows with one of the statues. His armor, the refitted platemail once belonging to Al'Kashid  had been damaged by the pit trap. The armor soon betrayed him. The lizardman's spear found a chink in the armor and drive home skewering the fighter.

Wart fought on and managed to bring down one of the statues. He then proceeded to move to assist Jiminy with the statue he as fighting. Wart swung his sword with all of his strength and.......

  • DM: What did you roll?
  • Wart (Clark): uhmmmm, I rolled a "1"
  • All of the Players: Shiitttttttttt
  • DM: Let's see, Roll me a 12.......

.............missed the statue completely and shears off the top of Jiminy's head, killing him instantly.Jiminy has a stunned expression on his face as he collapsed and his brains slid out.

DM NOTE: This is now the second time that Clark has killed Jim;s character with a critical fumble. The last time it was Clark's Shy the Halfling killing Jim's Al-Kashid the Paladin.

Ivana and Bartik fled the chamber and made their way outside. Wart the ranger fought on, crushing one statue and hammering on another. .Splendiferous shook off the cobwebs and made a dash for the exit, for a brief moment hope gleamed as he ran. Then a spear erupts from his chest as one of the remaining statues piercesd him from behind. Wart, the last remaining fighter fell to the lizardman statues as his wild swings could never connect.

Ivana and Bartik made it back to the surface. Looking around they spotted a group of adventures approaching.


This senseless loss of life was brought to you by

Finding Creative Ways To Kill Player Characters