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Monday, May 12, 2014

…..And now with even more Whizz, Whizz, Bang, Bang!

A Fist Full of Magic Items: 

Magick Talismans, Foci and Fetishes

The FFM spell casting system opens up the potential for new types of magick items and spells. I have my own ideas for different kinds of magic items and spells. One of these ideas for items is that magic can be classified into two distinct classes, expendable and durable. The items then could be sorted according to five distinct ranks.

To date I have avoided putting any setting or campaign information into the rules I have written in order to keep them generic enough that anyone can use them. With magic items, I can no longer avoid it. Others are more than welcome to change or alter these items to meet their needs.
  • Petty – The least of all the magicks, the most common remnant since The Fall. Many of the items can still be recreated today by many casters, from hedge wizards to great seers.
  • Minor – The next most common type of magicks, they are coveted by many casters. Only serious practitioners with the resources to spare can recreate these types of items.
  • Major – These types of magicks are highly coveted and are difficult to find. During the Great War, a great many of these items were used and lost. Only the wealthiest and most powerful casters can recreate these kinds of magic.
  • Grand – The great magicks of the Elder Races fashioned and formed some of the most powerful spells. Parties of treasure hunters have risked life and limb to retrieve these items. The mysteries and the skill to craft such things have been lost and no one has the ability to recreate them.
  • Exalted – The rarest of all magicks, each one of these items is unique. Some of these items fell from the hands of angels and devils during the Great War. Wars have been fought and kin have slain kin to possess such items.

Petty Magick

Potion of Purified Aethyric – This thin watery purplish mixture smells faintly of jasmine. When imbued by a caster it rejuvenates him. Regain 1d4 Power Dice up to the casters maximum.

Tapti Globe – This small sphere is made from thick glass and filled with salt water. Floating in the water is a small snail called the Tapti. If the globe is shaken vigorously and the snail shell is cracked it dies secreting a chemical that makes the water glow with a blue luminous light. The light illuminates an area of 20’ in radius and lasts for four hours.

Strike-Fire Stick – This slender wooden stick has a red tip on one end. If the red end is struck against a hard surface a small flame will appear and will last for 2 rounds. The stick can be used a dozen times before it stops working.

Blue Poppy Powder – This elven made drug if taken grants the user heightened senses. The user can see the auras of magic, of hidden things and people. It is very addictive and

Minor Magick

Talismanic Scroll of Counter-Spelling – A caster with this scroll can use it to dispel a spell that is being cast or that is in effect. It will work on a Roll of 4+ on a d6.

Potion of Condensed Aethyric – This thick purplish mixture smells strongly of jasmine. When imbued by a caster it rejuvenates him. Regain 2d4 Power Dice up to the casters maximum. The caster’s eyes will turn purple for a week after drinking.

Wand of the Nine Lores – Each wand is attuned to one of the 9 Lores of Magic. Each wand grants the caster two additional PD to use with a spell from that lore. The PD recharge at sunrise each day. (Substitute Lore for Level if not using Lores)

Major Magick

Potion of Distilled Aethyric – This syrupy purplish mixture smells strongly of jasmine with a hint of vanilla. When imbued by a caster it rejuvenates him. Regain 3d4 Power Dice up to the casters maximum. The caster’s eyes, hair and teeth will turn purple for a week after drinking.

Ivory Wand of Ling Foo – A slender wand of yellowish ivory engraved with mystic runes. It stores 3 Power Dice that can be used once a day. If the caster possesses the Jade Wand of Ling Fang the wand also generates 2 Dispel Dice that can use once a day.

Jade Wand of Ling Fang – A slender wand of milky jade engraved with mystic runes. It stores 3 Dispel Dice that can be used once a day. If the caster possesses the Ivory Wand of Ling Foo the wand also generates 2 Power Dice that can use once a day.

Grand Magick

Staff of the Dwarven Rune Lords – This staff is made from a amalgamation of different metals. Carved in to the staff are ancient runes of dwarven magick. The staff has four runes of counter-spelling which can dispel a spell on 4+ on a d6 up to four times a day. If the wielder has not used any of the four runes of counter-spelling he can expend all of them to cast the Greater Rune of Disruption. This drains every Power Dice from every caster and magic item within 100 yards of the staff.

Emerald Ring of Tor El – This ring is carved entirely from a single emerald. It grants the wielder 12 Power Dice to the user to cast one of the following spells
  • ·         Emerald Bolt (4+) – A blazing shard of emerald shoots forth (up to 50’) striking an opponent for 1d6 damage.
  • ·         Emerald Fire Wheel (8+) -  A spinning wheel of emerald fire five feet across shoots forth (up to 60’) causing 2d6 damage to all in the path.
  • ·         Emerald Shard Storm (16+) – A giant emerald appears in the sky. It explodes in a fiery explosion everything in 30’ radius takes 6d6 damage.

Exalted Magick

Sacred Ordnance of the Supreme Mega-Death – One of the most feared weapons from the Great War.  Used by the warriors of the heavens to reduced cities and armies to pillars of salt. There are rumors that some may still exist. If it is exploded everything within 5 miles is turned into salt.

The Epistle of the God Who Laughed - Written by a long departed prophet of a dead god of mirth, this small book contains the greatest joke ever written, also known as the Killing Joke. Whoever reads this book will die laughing, literally. There is no save for this.