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The Neverending Project List

This pages is here to help me keep focused on knocking out some of my miniature projects.

As I have gotten older I no longer just focus on one model or group of models. I will paint up to 10 to 20 different models at the same time. The draw back to this is it takes longer for me to finish a miniature. On the other hand I tend to finish multiple miniatures at the same time and when I really get going I produce a steady stream.

I tend to work on multiple miniatures at the same time, so I have many miniatures at various phases.

Project List

Oldhammer Goblin Army (Started)

Oldhammer Wood Elf Army (Planning Phase)

D&D Monsters and Heroes (Ongoing)

Rogue Trader Eldar Army (Planning Phase)


Citadel '94 Eldar Avatar

Final Phase - Flock & Matte Coat

Reaper Bones Ebonwrath, Dragon 
WHFB 6ed Goblin Baggage

4th Phase - Details, Highlights, Shading

WHFB 6ed Goblin Spearmen x5
Reaper Bones Skeleton Swordsmen x4
Reaper Bones Giant Rats
Reaper Bones Mummies

3rd Phase - Base Colors

WHFB 6ed Goblin Spearmen x5
Ral Partha 11-419 Firbolg
Reaper Bones Rat Swarms
Reaper Bones Bat Swarm
Grenadier Fantasy Lords - 063 Cloud Giant
Grenadier - M239 Mercenary Ogre with axe

2nd Phase - Assembly

WHFB 6ed - Troll

1st Phase - Preparation

Reaper Bones Skeleton Archers & Spearmen

01/24/2018 - Jesus I really need to update this fucking list.