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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some Finished Models

As the Summer Semester draws to an end, I have returned to the paint desk to pick up the paint brush again and start painting some miniatures again. If I am really lucky maybe in the next few weeks I might get a game of Oldhammer.

Reaper Bone Flesh Golem 

From Left to Right: 
Clan War Fire Shugenja
Reaper Bones Goldar, Male Barbarian
Ral Partha Female Human Form Greater Wolfwere

From Left to Right
Reaper Bones Treasure Pile
Reaper Bones Mocking Beast 
Citadel Wood Elf Beastmaster Bear

From Left to Right (1997 Citadel)
Wood Elf Archer 5
Wood Elf Archer 1
Wood Elf Archer 7
Wood Elf Archer 2