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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Helm of the Lord of Horses

The Helm of the Lord of Horses

The Horse Lord, Lord of the Grass Sea, Master of Horses, Widow maker

One of the legendary Immortals who appeared after The Crucible gutted the heart of the Nethyr Empire. He is credited with uniting the scattered tribes of the Boundless Greensward and launching a bloody pogrom that saw cities burn and the death of millions. He disappeared over 500 years ago never to been seen again. He was said to have possessed four powerful magical items, known as his Glories. Legend holds that whoever possesses all four will be granted immortality.

The Helm of the Horselord

Forged from a single piece of Bronzium, the helm has a peaked bell shape that encompasses the entire head of the wearer. There is a t shaped opening for the front to see out of that is framed by downward sweeping bull horns

The Helm grants the user a number of powers but these powers can only be unlocked after a special rite is performed.

The Baptism of the Bloodline

Under the light of the two full moons, the owner must draw a magic circle using salt from the Bitter Lake. At the apex of the two moons while standing naked in the circle they must sacrifice a close family member by cutting their throat and filling the helm with their blood. They must then place the helm on their head letting the blood run over them.

The powers granted depends on the closeness of the family member who is sacrificed. Some of the powers attributed to the helm are:

Powers (Progressive)
The Gouged Eyes of the Old Ones
Cousin, Grandchild
The user is granted superior sight along with Infravision and Darkvision. They can also see things that are invisible or cloaked by illusion
The Tongue of the Prophet
The user is able to speak and understand any language
The Iron Gate of the Mind
The user is immune to all versions of ESP, Charm and Illusions
The Aura of the Old Ones
The user has magic resistance (30%)

The Full Glory of the Horse Lord

When all four items has been baptized and the items are worn, the wearer will become immortal. Unfortunately at the same time the wearer is possessed by the spirit of the real Horse Lord who was slain by his own family and his spirit was trapped in his items.