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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Coming Attractions

Over the last several months I have been playing in my wife's Werewolf the Apocalypse Campaign and in my long running AD&D 2E games. In the process I finished school and I am getting ready to take the DM's seat once more.

I actually got two different games coming.

My long awaited sequel to my B/X Campaign is coming, taking 50 years after the last events in the first campaign. Two of my players will be playing the grandchildren of the original party from the first campaign. The biggest change from the first campaign is that I am using the Adventurer Conquer King Rule System. It is a much better fit for the campaign since my world have a very late antiquity feel. I am hosting the campaign on the Obsidian Portal Website. Very Cool Website.

The other game is going to be a one-off. I was asked to DM for some friends who never played D&D before and wanting to learn how. The only catch is they want to learn to play D&D 5E, the edition I only just now getting my feet wet in.

I have been thinking about what I should run. Something from the 5E Starter Set? Keep on the Borderlands, some other module in the B series……..

I just happened to be over at a cool forum known as Piazza, dedicated the many realms that TSR and other companies produced during the halcyon days of TSR. There  I found a post about a guy was running D&D 5E using the Thunder Rift Setting. I just so happened to have a complete collection of Thunder Rift stuff in PDF and paper.

So I am seriously looking at running the escape from the dungeon of Zanzer Tem as my oneshot.